Over the course of the last YEAR, WE WORKED Constantly IN Fostering A CARTRIDGE AND BATTERY THAT Improved THE THC VAPING EXPERIENCE. OUR Equipment IS Built WITH FOOD-GRADE Hardened STEEL AND GLASS. WE Utilize No PLASTIC On the grounds that THE MATERIAL WILL Scatter ITSELF ON A Sub-atomic LEVEL IN THE THC OIL, Bringing about Defilement After some time. OUR BATTERY Result IS Customized TO WORK As one WITH OUR CARTRIDGE TO Convey Execution THAT’S Mind blowing! ONE OF OUR MOST Appealing Elements IS THE Customizable Wind current Framework, WHERE THE Client CAN TUNE How much Wind current THAT’S GOING THROUGH THE CARTRIDGE Relying Upon Individual Inclination, Yet THERE’S A great deal more.The Breeze Canna Disposable Vape Pen flaunts a smaller, compact plan, pre-loaded up with e-fluid for single-use comfort. Its plan intently lines up with other dispensable vapes accessible. Highlighting a dainty, rectangular shape, it offers an agreeable grasp and direct utilization. Situated toward one side is a mouthpiece, while different houses the battery. Between them lies the pre-filled e-fluid cartridge.The pen is made with great materials and is not difficult to utilize. It’s sufficiently little to convey in a pocket or satchel, and you don’t have to stress over charging or dealing with it. The materials are of good quality, and security is guaranteed through testing.




What Our Customer Says

These Breeze Canna Disposable truly finish the work for me. I’ve bought CBD pens from stores and I never feel the impact. I’m blissful I found this brand and trust they increment the crossover stock reason I’ll purchase more.
10 out of 10 would suggest.

Really enjoy this vape by breezecannadisposable . Quality, flavor, longevity are all top notch and I would definitely buy again. I noticed  the packaging, which is really nice. It more like unpacking an actual vape- it has a sturdy box, which opens like a book and tightly nestled inside is the packswood.

Mark Hughes / Businessman

The best disposable vape on the market. The flavor is awesome. It’s small and compact. I love it! No complaints. Nice vape, great flavours…only gripe is the taste will change after a few weeks use.

Tina Thomas / Vape Vendor